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* Wars, environmental pollution, hunger, poverty, and the problems of access to education are still ongoing. In the 21st century all these issues could be resolved but we still live by the old rules, which were relevant at that time, when we didn’t have the Internet, airplanes, or high technology. We live by the main principle: the strong is always right. However, the evolution presented a new condition for survival – to live in common.


Common World is going to be an international platform for:

  • Finding parallels in our history and media coverage between countries
    Political propaganda divides us every day – let’s show the differences between media cultures of our countries!
  • Sharing different views and opinions on various topics with the whole world;
    Our planet is rich in the diversity of our media cultures – let’s have fun comparing features!
  • Cooperation and international collaboration of dedicated people around the world;
    Students studying journalism and international relations – often don’t know their colleagues from other countries – let’s get acquainted and make this world a common place together!
 (с) Without pathos, formalism and confrontations


We are looking for enthusiasts!

  • If you are concerned about the future of our planet
  • If you want to develop and improve your skills in such areas as journalism, communication and project organization
  • If you are searching for new connections and friends around the world
  • Or you just want to explore the Common World in all its diversity
  •     Join us!

More information:

*This is a trial version of the site. At the first stage the site is aimed primarily to get acquainted with the project and inspire you to participate. Here you can get acquainted with our ideas, plans, learn more about us and see examples of what we have done so far. The site is also equipped with internal forums that will help the project participants from different countries to communicate, exchange ideas and collaborate. In our next phase the site will become a place of attraction for regular viewers of Common World project.

If you would like to participate

If you would like to join the project, please register on the site and answer some questions about yourself in the “introduce yourself” forum. You can also share your ideas or leave your opinion about the project in the forum comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our case offers:​

Examples that we did

This is our first attempts to find parallels in different aspects. In the future we plan to change it into something more with the help of people who are just as interested in our common future as we are. We will be happy to see you with us!

#Parallels in music

We have collected some music and videos on various topics from different countries and added English subtitles for each of them.

No more war!

Collection presents three songs from Israel-Palestine, Russia and Jamaica. Inspired by clip Prayer of the Mother which united a lot of citizens from Palestine and Izrael for peace

God has many names

Right now in the collection only one beautiful song from Belarus which translated into English. You can suggest your country's songs on this topic!

Power of nature will put everything in its place

Songs about the forces of nature, which we usually prefer not to think about. The collection contains songs from Russia and USA.

Love on the other side of sadness

The idea of this collection appeared after finding an incredibly beautiful song from Japan. After the disaster on Fakushima, people began to search for light in the darkness, life among deaths.

#Parallels in history and politics

We selected popular videos from different countries on historical and political topics and translated them into English. Maybe it isn’t that good because the viewer will have to view the same information several times from several videos. For a more effective presentation of content to the viewer we are planning to do such reviews in one single video in the future.

Causes of the 1st

We began the study of the First World War because we wanted to start with a less acute topic. We have compiled and translated videos from five countries. But unfortunately, we have not yet had time to translate the video from Serbia. A collection without this video is not objective. Wait replenishment or help us with the translation.

Battle of Austerlitz

This collection is also waiting for revision. We are looking for people who want to translate videos from French to English and Austrian videos from German to English.

The Big 20 Summit 2017 - meeting of Putin And Trump

The collection contains videos of popular news channels in America, Russia, Ukraine and England about the first meeting of Putin and Trump. It was interesting to see the difference in the presentation styles of this news.

Referendum in Catalonia

The discussion of the sovereignty of Catalonia is attractive to many countries amid the popular freedom of speech in Europe. The collection contains videos of popular news channels in Spain, Russia, England, Norway, Germany, France, Ukraine. All videos are translated into English.

Our contacts

  • E-mail: max@common.world 
  • WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram: +7(921)924-70-96