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Up to 800 mln global workers will lose their jobs by 2030 according to robot automation.
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But international partnership will never lose its relevance. Pay attention to the development of international relations and startups.
Today's teenagers are ones born in a world has been desperately calling for solutions to long-known problems: leaving behind the age of warfare, advancing in the medical and scientific fields, preserving the world's nature, and so on and on. Most teenagers engage into this seeking of solutions one way or another, and they do so not necessarily for the sake of the world, but rather for the sake of maintaining its rationality, maintaining a range of relevant reasons to be alive.

This generation has grown up with access to the Internet. They know all too well that their predecessors have no valid far-sighted plan for saving the world and ensuring that humanity prospers and develops. They are not as attached to political ideologies and would rather follow a figure like Elon Musk than a veteran ideologist from a governmental structure, and there is no mystery as to why.

The world has changed since those had been relevant. Economy no longer must rely on wars to be stable, but ecological issues have come to pose a much greater threat than they used to. Now it is obvious that the world lacks not resources needed for perfecting itself, but rather a comprehensive plan for their allocation.

We wish to unite the teenagers with novel ways of thinking from all across the world over pragmatic aims: the development of international partnerships and establishment of new businesses. They will engage in discussions with us, that will revolve around the most pressing problems humanity is facing, while solving real-life business cases and acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to be relevant in the 21st century.
We offer a course of remote international partnership that will assist our students in learning to look for and develop ideas for international business projects, as well as help them the skills necessary for effectively working with international partners via online platforms. By the end of the course, the students will have developed their very own international startup models.

It may all sound difficult, but that is not necessarily so.

What an international startup is supposed to be, is a unique business idea intended for scaling, meaning, the only difficulties that might arise are related to finding such an idea and the means for marketing and distribution. Every country has its own specificities when it comes to realizing startups, and therefore in the teams we set up for the course we will teach some to come up with ideas and test their relevance, and others to look for the most efficient ways of ensuring the idea is heard and receives attention.

Throughout our course you will learn to analyze markets, develop business-models of international projects, communicate in an international team and test your ideas with your real international target market. All of that, while living the unforgettable experience of working in an atmosphere of healthy competition and cultural awareness with your peers from different countries.

With this experience and these skills, you will undoubtedly not only be relevant in todays world, but take a step ahead of the curve too.

We will teach you to be an effective international manager and launch shared projects with people from all over the world.

monthly practice-oriented course
active work in an international team
different countries each season
new challenges for bold and energetic people

Let's make our first local steps to the common future.
COMMON WORLD is a school that was founded to help future entrepreneurs cooperate while living in different parts of our planet.
Common World
Common World
Common World
Common World
Common World
Common World
научишься анализировать международные рынки
разработаешь бизнес-модели для реализации в других странах
протестируешь их на реальной международной ЦА
получишь опыт работы в международной команде
научишься искать международных партнеров, которым можно доверять и самому достойно представлять себя
на рынке
Get the most important points about launching local and international startups once a week. Test the knowledge you've got immediately: practical tasks and challenges are included in each seminar. Compare the economic environment of different countries, create business models and develop entrepreneurial skills in the game format.
Form a team with students from different countries. Make shared projects and learn the basics of international partnership. Cultural exchange brings fresh business ideas and highlights optimal practices from all over the world for both life and business. The path to success is easier if right people surround you.
Self-reflection and revision of your mistakes make perfect. Get an individual task to cope with the difficulties. Obtain advanced and detailed materials on the subject you are interested in: international HRm, logistics, business ethics, and many others.
3 week
1l week
2 week
4 week
Final day
Open day
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Open day
1 lweek
2 week
3 week
4 week
Final day
Visit an introductory lecture.
Get acquainted with your team and tutors. Pass an entry challenge.
Everything about the CW
Acquaintance with students
«asics of entrepreneurship
«asics of international startups
«usiness tasks and ethical business case
Free week
Dive into a specific country's peculiarities of business. Make friends with international students.
Advantages of launching a startup in a foreign country
Startups in Russia: pros and cons
Entrepreneurial games
Dividing into teams
Teambuilding and teamwork
Needs and values of emerging and developed regions. Conduct market analysis yourself.
Startup ideas: to find and evaluate
Analysis of local and international markets
Introduction to one of four startups tracks
Pitch session: learning
Team performance
Startup development. Business models and development plans. Legal issues.
International business analysis
Ethics of international partnership
Startup development model
Pitch session: practice
Project drafts and Q&A session
Finishing your project. Participation in the startup ringside ( startup competition among teams. )
SMM and personal brand
Diving into specifics of your chosen track
Brainstorming and challenges for your project
Start of the startup ringside
Business project defense
Investor pitch
Project defense
Distribution of prizes and mementos
more about program
more about program
Acquaintance with the CW and the course.
A workshop devoted to the basics of launching startups
What common business mistakes lead to the failure
Meet with foreign students, play games, and solve business cases. Get necessary information about the project and ask your questions
apply for an open day
What you need to know about startups
Acquaintance with the CW and the course.
What you need to know about startups
Acquaintance with the CW and the course.
What you need to know about startups
A workshop devoted to the basics of launching startups
What common business mistakes lead to the failure
A workshop devoted to the basics of launching startups
What common business mistakes lead to the failure
About price
The cost of our course is 120 euros.
But this is not the final price.
We'd like to tell you how awesome we are, but who takes our word for it on the internet?
Therefore, we came up with the following conditions:
120 €
Please read this text carefully.
90 €
If you are participating in the program with a friend, the cost of participation for both of you is 90 € to you both
If you bring 2 friends to the program or frienf fromanother cuntry, the cost of your participation is 50 €
70 €
In these cases
we will refund
money for you
If you do not like the program, you can leave at any time, taking your money in full
If you do not like the program, you can leave at any time, taking your money in full
If you decide to join the training - we are waiting for You at an open lesson :)
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A workshop devoted to the basics of launching startups
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